samui villa sales

Villa sales on the island are generally handled by property agents, although private arrangements are also possible between individuals. For villas within gated developments, staged payment schemes and even financing options are increasingly popular, with international firms such as GFS also offering mortgage possibilities. For private sales, cash transactions are still common, with deposits required upfront and the balance paid upon the exchange of contracts. With so many different types of villa and a range of purchasing options, buyers often choose to visit several agents before making a purchase: visting properties, comparing prices and looking at the various legal considerations when buying in Thailand. Over the last five years, a construction boom on Koh Samui has created a wealth of opportunities for those looking to invest in property on the island. The range of finished homes available is growing all the time and holiday villas are certainly the most popular choice, both for developers and private owners, with prices much lower than in many other island destinations. Buying a villa on Samui is an attractive prospect, either as a permanent residence or as a holiday home. Property prices appreciate year on year, and the swift development of the island's supporting infrastructure means that access and amenities are improving all the time. Restrictions on outright ownership for foreign investors have led to the creation of various approaches, with long-term leases and company based ownership the most popular way to buy. Different agencies and sellers also offer their own options as part of the sales process.