Samui real estate

At the modest end of the scale, small residential developments with 5 or 6 bungalows built around a common swimming pool offer good value and often attract retirees or those who wish to share their time between Samui and their country of permanent residence. Meanwhile, at the high-end of the market, huge, palatial villas set in spectacular beach and hillside locations offer the ultimate in tropical luxury, but still at prices many Western investors find pleasantly affordable.

The market for real estate on Koh Samui has expanded at an astonishing rate in recent years. The island has grown in both size and reputation as an idyllic residental destination, while expansion in almost every sector of the market means that investors now enjoy a surprising amount of choice for what is still a relatively new, developing destination.

Although political turmoil recently caused a slowdown in the market, properties were still built island-wide and new developments are being announced on a regular basis.
The south of the island is becoming something of an exclusive residential zone, with investors from regional destinations such as Hong Kong and Singapore investing in large, luxury properties away from the bustle of the main tourist centres. At the same time, the value of properties close to the more popular beaches is also appreciating fast.