Samui development

Recent trends have seen a shift towards the higher end of the market, with big brand hotel chains and high profile property developers arriving on the island and with them the introduction of sophisticated mixed resort and residential developments with luxurious properties and a full range of exclusive services.

Such luxury facilities have attracted a more demanding clientele and in the property sector this has stimulated a greater focus on quality, both in terms of the materials used for construction and the services and guarantees provided to investors.

Development on Koh Samui has been driven by a huge growth in tourism over the last few years. The number of visitors has increased annually to more than a million arrivals and new international markets are opening up all the time to guarantee a continuous supply of tourists.

The island’s popularity as a holiday destination quickly stimulated the widespread construction of top class hotels, restaurants and retail facilities, while at the same time prompting a residential boom with a range of associated amenities such as supermarkets, schools and medical services.
Although the island's infrastructure has struggled to keep pace with rapid private sector development, improvements such as road maintenance projects, not to mention increases in the supply of water and electricity to the island mean that permanent and temporary residents can now enjoy all the conveniences of modern life in an idyllic tropical setting.