Koh Samui Renovation

Renovation firms will work in collaboration with interior designers and architects if the renovation job is substantial. Teams operating in these fields are easily sourced, however, most contractors will have preferred partners. Gardening and landscaping teams can also transform outdoor areas completely, in a very short time-span. There are a number of reputable and creative landscaping teams on Samui, that have fully embraced the local flora and habitat and come up with interesting solutions to problems of privacy, property boundaries, gradient and soil erosion. For major structural repairs and renovations, it may be necessary to employ a surveyor, and to check the planning regulation status of proposed additions to the property. However, most professional contractors will be able to advise prospective clients on these factors. While many properties on Koh Samui are still very new, the extreme climate, and some original design or build flaws have necessitated that construction teams also undertake renovation work on occasion. A number of construction firms operating within Koh Samui can take on renovation work, ranging from a complete overhaul of a run-down bungalow resort to simple interior repairs in private residences.