Koh Samui Mortgages

Although investors have been able to leverage their investments for capital growth with the use of mortgages in most other Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and even Vietnam, Thailand has always lacked the requirements for financial institutions to offer simple mortgage solutions. On Samui inparticular, resort properties and villas have traditionally been ‘cash only’ investments.

However, companies such as Palm Construction, working with GFS, are leading a change in mortgage availability by offering simple, straightforward investment solutions that allow investors to finance up to 60% of their property's value over a 10-year loan term at a very reasonable 7.6% interest rate, fixed for the duration.

Unlike some of the previous financing packages offered by banks based offshore, there are no prohibitively difficult qualifying criteria or excessive set-up fees required for these loans.
The mortgage financing package is secured against property in Thailand, and the ownership documents held in escrow. No credit rating or financial references are necessary to qualify, and no additional personal guarantees, security, secondary collateral, or other assets are needed. In other words, this mortgage-financing package applies within Thailand and is therefore completely unrelated to buyers' assets in any other country.