Koh Samui Developers

Koh Samui has been a property hot-spot for a number of years and has enjoyed huge prosperity, along with a consistently improving standard of living throughout its development.
Thai and international developers have been arriving in numbers over the last 5 years to work on projects ranging in size from a handful of exclusive villas to 300 plus homes spreading across a large urban hillside.

Larger firms like Palm Construction cover everything from land purchases, through construction to onsite property management, whilst others opt to purchase land and sell plots off plan, often installing infrastructure such as access roads and electricity in the process.

As with any rapidly developed region, progress has not come without environmental costs, but fortunately the increasing maturity of the property market in the Gulf of Thailand has led to raised standards of finished project, and a certain dialogue between Koh Samui developers appears to be emerging regarding best practice and overcoming obstacles experienced in the past.

Debate regarding issues such as water collection and drainage, energy efficiency and land use are also representative of a broader global debate on sustainability. Issues such as legality of foreign ownership, and financal provision are constantly monitored, and developers on Koh Samui are well served by real-estate agents, lawyers and accountants and the property press that publicize and advise on such issues. 

Alongside these factors, the ability to source high-quality building materials, not to mention fittings and fixtures from around the globe, is ensuring that the quality of projects is improving all the time.
With the property market on the island now entering a more rational middle-phase, Koh Samui can look forward to a steady pace of quality development in the years to come.