Koh Samui Construction

The subsidiary services to the construction industry in Koh Samui are now broad -ranging and sophisticated: dedicated companies dealing in high-tech security systems, landcape design and maintenance, chlorine-free and conventional swimming pool technology, architectural and interior design, import ceramics and kitchen and bathroom equipment, interior and exterior lighting – the range and quality is impressive and with all of these firms offering professional, competitively-priced services, the construction industry is well supported.

The construction industry on Koh Samui has come a long way in the past decade, and through a process of elimination a number of successful, reliable firms have become market leaders on the island. These firms now employ hundreds of staff and often use renowned international consultants at the design stage, as well recruiting foreign site managers and importing high quality materials at various points in the construction process.

However new challenges are emerging as land on Samui becomes scarce and construction moves into forested areas with steep gradients. Creative thinking around issues such as rainwater run-off and collection, and the binding of topsoil are necessary, which means employing the services of experts like Palm Construction is essential. Issues around sustainability are also being debated and factored in at the design stage by some of the more innovative construction companies. This is a positive sign of willingness to take note of recent problems such as flooding and erosion, and to think of the island as a whole.