Koh Samui Builders

Construction firms and builders operating on Koh Samui are generally not bound by any code of conduct or trade association guidelines as they would be in the West. Press reports suggested a rather "gung-ho" mentality was employed when it came to building standards and land use at the height of the Samui property boom. But the recent market slow-down, together with a firmer focus on enforcing local laws, has had a positive influence. In addition, the market itself tends to perform a policing function quite effectively as consumer demand creates its own set of standards and many firms stand by their reputation.

Essentially as the property development industry has matured, the projects that sell best, and the contractors that are employed regularly on the island are firms like Palm Construction with a proven track record of building to the highest standards, displaying high levels of professio

Also, those contractors and projects willing to engage with the thorny issue of environmental awareness now find they have an edge, as issues surrounding sustainability and protection of natural resources have become unavoidable.

The construction industry is in effect “self-policing" on Koh Samui, which is now resulting in improved standards of professionalism by a select gro