Guarantees & Security required?

No personal guarantees or secondary securities are required.

Our guarantees to you:

Land Title:
A clear guaranteed land title is a must not only for you but also for GFS. This combined with up to a 15-year relationship with GFS, you can be assured our due diligence is paramount for both parties.

Our approved property developers will have projects with clear and guaranteed land titles. All have been or will be fully approved prior to construction starting and your initial payment being due.

Default Procedure:
All efforts will be made by GFS to avoid foreclosure, however failure to make repayments by more than 95 days or the total value of more than 95 days will result in foreclosure.

Security required:
  • No secondary security required
  • No guarantees, personal or other wise are required
  • No personal references required
  • No bank references taken
  • Only the property acts as security

Security provided:
No payments will be made from GFS to the developer until the 28th of the following month after the transferof ownership. This bounds your property developer to complete your property as agreed.