Financial Services

Fixed Interest Rate

A fixed interest rate allows you to lock-in the interest rate over the full term of your loan and protecting you from rising interest rates in the future. This allows you the comfort to budget for your home loan by knowing the repayments will never change. Knowing exactly what you have to repay gives you peace of mind and the ability to make future investments confidently.

There are many great advantages in acquiring financing from GFS, but one of the most compelling is that your ROI (Return On Investment) is paid offshore, free of onshore taxes*.

Our fixed interest rate is for the full term of the financing period and in being so are linked to the euro, sterling and US dollar rates over the long term, not short term.

Normal bank lending rates are day rates or short term 3 to 5-years. Returns based on a fixed interest rate over the medium to long term play a small part of your ROI compared to a fluctuating day or short term rate from normal lenders.

*GFS Ltd cannot provide tax advice. Please consult an independent tax adviser.