Financing Options

There are several financing options which will be available to you when looking to purchase property overseas, particularly when normal financing options aren't easily available.

As GFS is a privately owned financial provider with a zero debt policy and all our financing is in the way of private cash funding, we avoid many of the pitfalls you will find with all other financing options** which are stated below:

Refinancing your home in your own country is another alternative, but it is not risk-free by any means. If you run into financial difficulty and are unable to meet your mortgage repayments, both your overseas and your own home will be sent into foreclosure. Taking out extra financing would also restrict your ability to borrow money in your own country. Finally, your local tax office my take great interest in your investments overseas, which may in turn incur offshore taxes*.

Re-financing your existing property you have financed with GFS may be available upon application and can offer you the ability to sell your home with the same financial freedom as you have enjoyed. Refinancing is not guaranteed and is provided at the discretion of GFS. Please contact us to discuss your options further.

Local financing:
In countries such as Thailand, financing comes with many headaches, such as strict residency requirements and permanent resident status. The amount offered when financing locally can also be considerably lower than required by most overseas investors.

Developer/builder linked financing:
As long as the building company continues to operate, your financing should remain unchanged. However, should the building company at any time during the term of the loan cease operations or be sold, your financial agreement will become the property of an independent liquidator or an individual. It is very likely that the new owner of your loan may not perceive the financing you had with the original financer as a true or legal financial arrangement or a legitimate transaction and therefore not honor your agreement. The new owner might then ask for full repayment of your loan immediately, and there would be little legal recourse available to you.

** Examples given are only guidelines from GFS
*GFS Ltd cannot provide tax advice. Please consult and independent tax adviser.