About Us

GFS Ltd (Global Financial Services) has registered offices in Guernsey, Channel Islands with further offices in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. GFS has been providing offshore financing including investments and tax-planning opportunities to our clients in the UK since 1987.

Due to our proven success locally, we have expanded our financial services over the recent years to clients worldwide who are looking to acquire a home or investment property where normal financing options aren’t easily available.

GFS is in a position to assist both individual and corporate clients at all levels of their financial requirements. We have a broad range of experiences which range from individual private residences to multi-million US$ commercial projects.

GFS is a privately owned financial provider with a zero debt tolerance. All our financing is in the way of private cash funding, leaving your property free from any risk of other people's mistakes or poor investment choices.

GFS is not a private or public fund, nor does it lend outside of its Approved Developers programme, in turn securing yours and their future.

Your privacy is paramount to us and we can assure you of the highest level at all times both onshore and offshore.

We consistently strive and successfully provide straightforward financial assistance to all our clients and provide the best possible personalized service and security.